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The Science Behind CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting, also known as Zeltiq, is an FDA-approved non-invasive fat reducing procedure created by Zeltiq, a global medical device company. It is commonly used to treat those areas of the body that easily accumulate fat – waist (love handles), hips, upper and lower abdomen, bra line and mid-back. The technical name for the body contouring method used by Zeltiq is cryolipolysis (cryo = icy cold + lipolysis = chemical decomposition of fat), the cooling of the adipose tissue just above the freezing point to induce lipolysis, permanently damaging fat cells but without damaging other tissues. The body then “thinks” the fat has been melted and starts to eliminate it over time by the natural metabolic process.

Research has shown that fat cells respond to extreme cold. This means that they are more vulnerable to cooling (energy extraction) than any surrounding tissues. Therefore, they can be selectively and permanently eliminated with no pain involved. When cooled just above the freezing point, fat turns from liquid to solid (much like butter) and over the next few weeks after the treatment, that cooled fat will start the apoptosis process (controlled cell death), which leads to a release of inflammatory mediators such as cytokines.

Within the next months, these inflammatory cells gradually digest the fat cells. The lipids resulting from those cells are then metabolized like any other food fat – they are transported by the lymphatic system and then processed out of the body. As this happens, the circumference shrinks around the treated body areas (sometimes up to one centimeter with a single treatment).

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