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Why Choose The SHAW Center for your CoolSculpting procedure?

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At The SHAW Center for Aesthetic Enhancement in Scottsdale, Arizona (, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence W. Shaw offers innovative, plastic surgery procedures including cosmetic breast surgery (, face lifts, and rhinoplasty and body contouring. Body contouring procedures include ultrasonic and tumescent liposuction, laser assisted lypolysis (SmartLipo), tummy tucks and mommy make overs. "Because we offer these surgical options, we have the unique ability to customize each treatment plan to fully address and achieve the patient's concerns and aesthetic goals," claims Dr. Shaw. "Those consulting with us can be assured that we will only recommend CoolSculpting™ when we feel it is absolutely indicated and has the best chance for success".

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In addition, The SPA at The SHAW Center offers a full array of options to rejuvenate the skin by enhancing both its health and its appearance including Botox, injectable fillers, advanced skin care and peels, fractional laser resurfacing, FotoFacial™, laser skin tightening, vein treatments, laser hair removal and hair restoration.
At THE SPA at The SHAW Center, the 25 year plastic surgery experience of Dr. Lawrence W. Shaw, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, are combined with closely supervised programs for medical and aesthetic services. Under the close supervision by Dr. Shaw, these programs and treatments can enhance and prolong the result of your cosmetic surgery, or offer a non-surgical alternative age gracefully.
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Our aestheticians, medical providers and specialists, Lee Thomas, Cindy Moore, Lisa Trotta, R.N., Evette Thompson, M.A., Leanne Wilmont, Yola Rzepka, CST,Tammy Federico, M.A. and Mandi Arak, R.N. are certified to provide our many services and can tailor one of several clinical treatments and product lines for a treatment plan that will leave you and your skin looking healthy and vibrant.  They are committed to excellence through continued education and training. We would encourage you to make an appointment to to speak with Dr. Shaw and our Medical Professionals and Aestheticians. We can help you sort all the information to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, to look your best and look like the person you feel like inside.